Saturday, March 24, 2012

Agent Vinod - One for the tharki buddhas

Have you ever watched a movie and said it could have been better or didn't see what I expected, well here's another one to that list. Watched Agent Vinod and at first it felt good effort but as the movie continued, I felt that it still needed some refinement. Wonderful locations, hot actresses, quirky dialogues, cocky attitude, villains -  tharki (except one) buddhas, item numbers, unusual direction, hatke script, love, hate, romance, humour, other emotions, chase sequences, thrills, action; its got it all yet I had this thought that something was missing; and  no it wasn't the popcorn.Saifeena is a pair to watch but the story will be hard to digest by us Indians.
Sriram Raghavan - remember his first directorial venture - Ek Deewana Tha and his next - Johnny Gaddaar, some similarities with this but a lot of differences. A lot of well executed action sequences which will make you wtf! how the hell did he pulled it off? Other thing which you won't connect with will be a love song in the background of an action sequence.
The scenes worth watching involve the Mercs and the BMWs and the Audis crashing (better than Rohit Shetty's), the only luxury car that is left unscratched is the Rolls Royce. The unseen locations in Indian films get +1, but too much attention to love between Saifeena gets a dislike. No prize for guessing where pyar ki pungi song comes.
Overall a well attempted movie, a good 12 countries tour but with a lot of duds and disconnection.
[This review is after watching the movie for free with free cheese popcorn and samosa (which I didn't have), and free coffee (which again I didn't have), but thanks to my two cousins Rachna Chhatwani and Yash Chhatwani for the treat.]