Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bittoo Boss - Sasky

Have you been to a movie which has a small town guy, with big dreams, misunderstood by a rich girl, later both are in love, so the relationship carries on and later some things happen cause the guy wanna make it big n so they break-up, then again get back after some time and again misunderstanding causes them to break-up this time because of his business partner. A month later our hero gets to know that the heroine is getting married, so he goes to her wedding to ruin it and make her his again, by exposing the bad guys, then in the end they are together and happy ending to a movie?
The answer is Yes, you have. This one's similar but the point is the similarity ends there. What's different in this, is the execution, the dialogues, the way it has been packaged and presented. It's about a V.D.O. shooter without whom nobody wants to start the celebration, girls who want to give him their sasky pose (for photographs). which he saves it on 'local disk d'. He wants to enter the media industry and how he wants to make it big.
The male lead has Pulkit Samrat (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi's Lakshya Virani) and the female lead has Amita Pathak (Aakrosh & Haal-e-Dil) playing their parts. Both do justice to their characters most of the time. You shouldn't watch it if you are expecting something big and vastly different from other movies of this kind but what you can expect, is to get a good message and new words to use on Facebook or Twitter or just in your daily life.
Words like 'sasky', 'riks' and 'local disk d' are used too often which sometimes will make you feel that there are no other dialogues. There's this constant fight between doing good and doing bad, the frustration of a struggler, his way of making it big by choosing to make and sell blue films of honeymoon couples, losing his love more than once, and his constant disagree to his father's sayings.
The male lead has only two looks - one a 'chichora gaon ka chora with beard' and the other 'without the beard chichora gaon ka chora'. Overall the movie scores on execution, dialogues and delivery of dialogues more than the matter. The stars don't disappoint either. The movie is a must watch for freshers, strugglers.

[Felt like watching a special screening with only 13 other people. But was worth. Remember we all have a Bittoo ( V.D.O shooter) in our life, especially during our lavish weddings jo sabki leta hai (photos and videos) which makes our occasions a memory.]